Tuesday, February 21, 2017


depression and sadness. loneliness. hopelessness and loss.
an unending cycle of pain.
just when you think things will get better, the very fabric of your core joy falls apart.

Dear Christian teens,
Hope is not lost.
When you're in the very depths of despair, Jesus will enter your life...
you will find an imperfect but perfect peace.
Trust it.
Trust the peace He gives you.
The quicker you give your worries to God, the quicker you learn to surrender yourself,
and give all glory to Him.

Now wait.
Wait on God's plan, and enjoy His lovely gift of peace.
It may seem in this time of waiting, that God's voice is quiet, or totally silent.
Simply trust Him.
Know this: He is God...the winning God. He will help you win this battle of pain,
sadness, and hurt that you're going through.
When you put your hope, trust, and your whole heart in His hands,
you've already let Him win it.
So wait! Even if things don't work out in this life on Earth, know that there is a place,
a Home in Heaven, where God will conquer all your pain.

This is a time to grow.
Grow in Christ's love and joy.
I don't believe that becoming a Christian means that we'll always be happy.
In fact, a lot of times, we'll be quite the opposite.
We will be in the depths of despair. And we'll walk through the valleys.
As Christians, we should follow in Christ's footsteps.
And if we truly choose to, then we will be persecuted just as He was.
So what I'm trying to say is that we should always have joy. Even though we're not always happy,
let God's love radiate through you. Let it shine so brightly.
Grow in your Christ's joy.

Next comes this: learn patience.
In all of these challenges, I believe they are a way of God showing us a new perspective on His love.
A way of growth in our faith and a growth closer to Him
In every aspect of our lives, God will constantly be teaching us something.
Sometimes we can't always find the lesson from God above the surface.
Sometimes we have to dig so deep into the dirty real to learn more about our faith.
I encourage y'all to do that.
When you learn more about your faith, you grow closer to God, when you grow closer to God,
you find more peace and joy.
You find the precious bread of life.

Christians, let God interfere.
In confusion, we need to give up our worries.
Simply let it go.
Let God interfere in your life, in your heart, and in your mind.
When the people and the things of your life fall apart, let God interfere, and simply pray to Him.
When you know your heart isn't right with Him, and you've turned away from God, simply pray to Him...let Him interfere.
When your mind is filled with the world, simply pray to Him...let Him interfere.

Hope, Wait, Grow, Learn Patience, Let Him Interfere.


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